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The mobile version has almost the same number of features as the “big” website.

If you want to change your website all you need to do is upload the new template to the folder “_frameworks” on your hosting.Immediately you will see the new template in the admin cp and will be able to choose it.Company Structure Software Development Department ABK's Software Development Department is hosting and outsourcing to over a dozen of PHP, My SQL, Java Script, and Flash web-coders around the country.The ABK Software Development Department is divided into 3 sub-departments: a) The Core ABKs main software development team, who are involved in the development of Chameleon, Oryx, etc. b) 3D-City Department the guys responsible for the development of the 3D-City module, which allows Internet users to roam around a three-dimensional world 'socializing' with other users in real time. c) Flash Profile Department a team of Flash coders, specializing in the development of a custom-structured online profiles feature for ABKs software line.powered by Able Dating, Able Space, etc.) Development start date: 04.2007 Development end date: new versions appear every 3 months Young generation needs a special means of communicating and MIXER!! Development start date: 09.2005 Development end date: new versions appear every 3 months more features Oryx is our new software.

It is a more My Space-flavoured script, with community layout and video sharing module. You can host your website on any hosting that meets our requirements like you can use our free hosting. It is completely FREE, you only pay for the setup services. You will need to register an account at us to be able to transfer you the domain name. The software may be licensed in one of the following options. There is a conditional 30-day money back guarantee.You may either buy a single license with a template design or may want to have the dating script on many servers. (After clicking the button "Buy" you will be redirected to Share IT, Avan Gate, or 2Checkout payment system page, where you will be able to choose a way of payment: by credit card, by wire transfer, etc.The code is plain and simple PHP and any programmer can understand it. Also the apps, 3DCity, and video/audio chats are not open source.