Whos dating derek jeter

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“I mean, first off, let’s just look at the women he’s dated.Obviously, he goes out — he’s meeting these girls somewhere — but you never hear about it.Jeter, who was not photographed wearing any adornments on his finger, has earned five World Series rings, the first in 1996.Over Jeter’s illustrious 19-year career, the Captain has notched 3,300 hits — and nearly as many A-list girlfriends. I'd be running away from her quicker than a ray of light.

Length of relationship: married for six years, from 2002-2008A bit about her: She has a masters degree in psychology and likely used that knowledge to talk herself through the divorce.

Let's pretend for a moment that Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez are sitting at a table, eating dinner at a restaurant, telling stories about the women they've dated. So let's take a look at some of the ladies they've dated, and we'll see who's done better for themselves. to her name, but she wore very little clothes in most of them, so that's good. 1 on Ask Men.com's list of "99 Most Desirable Women" in 2006, as well as "Sexiest Woman in the World" by , but that was "good" for different reasons.

Jeter claims he's been luckier, but A-Rod disagrees. A-Rod tastes it, flags a waitress down and sends it back—it was cold. They start listing off the women, providing evidence to support their claim. Length of relationship: three months A bit about her: You may know her from such smashing "hits" as "Shake Up the Party" and "Tell Me How You Feel"—well, I'm sure some of you do—but most others know her from the show Length of relationship: one year A bit about her: She's a singer who has sold more than 200 million albums worldwide and has blessed us with such hits as "Always Be My Baby" and "Touch My Body"—is the second one a blessing?

Then, in October, TMZ reported that the couple planned to marry during a secret ceremony on Long Island, New York, although that proved not to be the case. I'll show you.'"" data-reactid="42" magazine in a July 2013 interview. In February 2014, the newspaper said Jeter had broken up with Davis because she was becoming too famous.

Related: Plus-Size Model Ashley Graham's Ad Will Appear in Sports Illustrated Swim Issue The gorgeous cover girl grew up playing volleyball and tennis. "I know how to stilt walk, and I also have a unicycle. These are things I learned when I was younger, but my parents like to point out that I still know how to do them. "Derek likes to keep his relationships quiet," a source told the publication.

She was actually discovered by a scout while playing on the professional Caribbean tennis circuit at 14 and has been modeling for clients such as Ralph Lauren and Victoria's Secret ever since. "I know how to stilt walk, and I also have a unicycle. These are things I learned when I was younger, but my parents like to point out that I still know how to do them. At parties they'll say, 'Well, Hannah can [ride a] unicycle. "In the past, when his girlfriends become famous and start doing sexy shoots, that's when they break up.