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The two are said to have been on and off again for nearly three years before things ended for good.

In 2007 their split got really messy when a sex tape they made was picked up for distribution by Vivid Entertainment.

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Take a look at Ray and Princess’ special day in pictures now!Ray J's girlfriend Princess Love was arrested in New Orleans after allegedly beating him up.Call us skeptical, but we don’t have a whole lot of faith that the Love & Hip-Hop couple will actually make it down the aisle, we would love for them to prove us wrong though! Do you think Ray J and Princess Love will actually get married? has a passion for music, and is an accomplished singer, producer and writer.

As the A-list couple prepares to welcome twins, word on the street is they're eyeing a jaw-dropping mansion perched atop a secluded hill in Bel Air.With 11 bedrooms, four pools and a 15-car garage, there's no question the Knowles-Carter fam will have plenty of space to raise Blue Ivy Carter and their two little ones.. The pool alone is worth millions, and comes complete with an 80-foot water slide, multiple waterfalls and an intimate grotto.And while it remains to be seen whether or not Beyoncé and Jay Z will become permanent Angelenos, we've rounded up five celebrity mega mansions that rival what might just be Hollywood's craziest home. Add that to the estate's tennis court, horse facility, sand volleyball court Let Lady Gaga's million enclave in Malibu inspire your next interior design project.Someone allegedly heard her scream "I'm gonna kill you" at Ray J, but cops weren't called until a hotel security guard saw the singer bleeding, according to TMZ.Love was reportedly charged with domestic abuse and battery.But, the couple has apparently set aside their differences, or possibly beaten each other to the point that they have amnesia and don’t remember that they hate each other – because now they are getting married?!