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Oliver Phelps, aka George Weasley, definitely had that moment — at at the first table read, no less!In a recent interview, he opens up about all his “pinch me” moments he experienced and a few things the fans don’t know.

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In 2012, Oliver and James starred in a short documentary, adaptation of Plato’s philosophical ideas ' A Mind’s Eye'.

The brothers are close to other film cast members, including Tom Felton, Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Matthew and involved in various Harry Potter Exhibitions.

At the age of 14, the twin with no prior experience in acting bunked school exams and went to audition for an open cast.

They auditioned for six times and finally Oliver and James earned the roles of Fred and George Weasley in ' Harry Potter' and the ' Philosopher’s Stone' in 2000.

It looks like the Forbidden Forest is no longer forbidden…

James and Oliver Phelps, as well as Warwick Davis and Evanna Lynch were on hand this week to officially open the new expansion at the Warner Bros. PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics from James, Oliver and Warwick were seen grabbing a butterbeer at the event while Evanna stood at the gates, with a lantern to anyone who was brave enough to go inside.

Then we got cast as the Weasley twins and had to dye our hair red for the next ten years.

All the years of joking at Andrew’s expense just came back and slapped me in the face.’As Fred and George Weasley respectively, James and Oliver had to dye their brown hair ginger every few weeks.

But in the flesh they are very different: James in his white T-shirt wears his hair longer and has a smattering of stubble across his face, while Oliver, dressed in black, has much shorter, darker hair.

The eldest by 13 minutes, Oliver tends to take charge during the conversation.

Oliver adds, “In terms of stuff you don’t realize, there’s just lots of stuff.