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The 30-year-old Henry lay in the hospital that dreary night in March - alive but listed under the name "John Doe" - while Washington searched for the man she loved.

165) card, which is valued at , while his most valuable Rookie Card is his 2005 Exquisite Collection autograph (No. LAWRENCEVILLE - The night beloved middle school teacher Chris Henry was hit by an allegedly drunk driver and rushed to the hospital, his longtime girlfriend, Malikah Washington, knew something was wrong.Henry appears on 363 football cards, including 86 autographs and just 13 memorabilia cards.His most valuable autograph in the database is his 2005 Finest Black Xfractors (No.And for those months, Washington has been at his side.

But Henry says, the tragedy left him with one question. " On Saturday, with the rain beating down on the roof of the rehab center and with his students, his and Washington's friends and their parents all around them, he pulled out a ring."NCIS: Los Angeles” is one of the highest-rated TV shows on the air, and stars, LL Cool J and Chris O’Donnell are revealing secrets about this season!“Extra’s” Renee Bargh chatted with the guys while on set.Henry told us yesterday one in four people have a hole in their heart, but the only cases that come to mind involve rugby players. Simon Best didn’t have a hole in his heart, but the stroke he suffered at the 2007 World Cup, which lasted nine hours, ended his career. Basically, because of the sport we play, there are more bumps and bruises, so this could have happened from a clot in the calf that went into heart. ” became controversial all over again, when the late playwright’s estate withheld the rights for a planned production in Portland, Ore. The director cast an African-American actor as Nick, the young, up-and-coming...