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This illustrated pamphlet traces the development of numismatic literature and provides data on some 60 major numismatic libraries in the USA and abroad. Some 225 types and major varieties and sub-varieties are listed. He provides valuable guidance on the comparative rarity of various types and issues of most coins bearing chopmarks and offers a brief but illuminating treatment of selected chopmarks and their meaning. Davenport This publication covers the talers of Franconia 1515-1609, Bayreuth 1603-1791, Ansback 1603-1797, and Jagerndorf 1557-1621.A separate chapter discusses East Indian shroff marks. It also includes special issues relating to the Franconian Circle, Premium-Prize talers, the Piece of Teschen, and Falcontalers, as well as talers struck during this period for wives, daughters, and sisters of various rulers.

Rodney King has a heart attack and I take blame for that?" Pinsky said that while many viewers think that much of what is shown on "Celebrity Rehab" is faked for the cameras, the show was very real.This is the second part, which is a bit longer than the first.The main difference between the two posts — and knowing me, I’ll end up doing this for both — is that Part 2 comes with an annotated timeline.Forrest then squandered a fortune in advance money for a dead-end solo project, winding up homeless, as well as a repeat rehab failure.

It was a jail sentence that finally got him sober, and discovering a small community of fellow cleaned-up musicians (many humbly reduced to working in the same diner) kept him that way."It's very stressful and very intense for me, " Pinsky said."To have people questioning my motives and taking aim at me because people get sick and die because they have a life-threatening disease, and I take the blame? Drew Pinsky has confirmed that he has officially checked out of "Celebrity Rehab." The physician and reality TV star recently confirmed to the Zach Sang & the Gang radio program that there will be no more seasons of "Celebrity Rehab," mainly because he's tired of getting blamed when a celebrity he's treated ends up dying from their drug addiction."I don't have plans to do that again, " Pinsky said. It's just ridiculous." Pinsky, who starred in and co-produced five seasons of "Celebrity Rehab," said that doing the show has become too stressful for him, due to the fact that everyone is quick to point fingers at him when one of his celebrity patients relapses.This engaging portrait, peppered with plenty of music and archival footage, is slated for a January theatrical launch by Rocket Releasing.