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Tap on the Wallet icon to bring up We Chat Pay to add a bank card.If you can't find the Wallet tab, it likely means that your We Chat account is registered under a foreign phone number.

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involves callers receiving a missed call with phone numbers that begin with the digits 999xxxxx.

People have been receiving unknown missed calls from these numbers and when they returned the call, they would be connected to the 999 police emergency hotline instead.

That’s less than those on the world’s most popular messaging app Whats App (900 million) and on Facebook Messenger (800 million).

But those 650 million – and the number is growing rapidly – aren’t just telling each other what train they’re on, sharing photos of their breakfasts, flirting, or organising or conducting a meeting, though they do all of this too, of course. Users, in China at least, can order and pay for a taxi; donate to their favourite charity; send DIY postcards from whatever city they’re in; transfer money to a friend; find their nearest petrol station; check in for a flight; search a library catalogue for a book; shop; pay off a credit card; book a doctor’s appointment; follow the official accounts of celebrities ranging from Fan Bingbing to John Cusack; buy movie tickets; keep up with the Communist Party line via the People’s Daily (We Chat’s most heavily subscribed official account); check the points on their driver’s licence; top up their mobile accounts and find restaurant reviews, in some cases discovering how many people are queuing for tables before adding their names to the list.

The victims are mainly Chinese men aged 20 to 39 who are cheated via apps such as We Chat.

In most cases, the modus operandi is similar: Pretty women approach the men on social media, asking them to buy gift cards and credit for goods online in return for sexual services that are, in the end, not given.There are 969 twin falls county deaths and burials in the online idaho deaths and To the suspect were justified by their fear that toxic chemicals had saturated.The police are working with neighbourhood convenience stores to fight credit-for-sex scams which have robbed men in Singapore of at least 2,000 this year.The men in blue decided to go on the offensive after a spike in the number of such cheating cases.That's okay, you can still set up We Chat Pay, but you'll need a friend to send you some money first. You'll need a mainland bank account connected to your passport.