Virginia state police criminal records dating back as far as

Registered sex offenders have information about their crimes or misdemeanors readily available, and Department of Correctional Services in many states disseminate criminal records to the public, through media such as the Internet.Some adults can also be eligible for non-disclosure of their records through the process of record sealing or expungement.

Beyond credit checks, the FCRA covers any background report, such as driving records and criminal records obtained from a consumer reporting agency like Good Hire.In other words: In order to set a standard around hiring policies, the federal government has created the Fair Credit Reporting Act or FCRA to monitor and protect both employers and job seekers.The FCRA regulates how employers perform employment background checks on job applicants.It protects individuals by ensuring the accuracy, fairness, and privacy of information gathered by the consumer reporting agency.Virginia background search requests are accepted by mail or online.

Online background check requests are the preferred method of conducting criminal history searches.The records request form allows the addition of any known aliases or former names, and it is recommended to fill in as many identifying features as possible to avoid false negatives or false positive results.Step 1 Individuals who wish to obtain a Virginia background check must fill out Criminal Record Name Search form found on the Virginia State Police website.Criminal histories are maintained by law enforcement agencies in all levels of government.Local police departments, sheriffs' offices, and specialty police agencies may maintain their own internal databases.However, online police background checks are only accessible to organizations such as employers and other pre-approved agencies.