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Even so, not all law enforcement agencies respond aggressively to allegations of online stalking, for a variety of reasons.Typical of other types of victims, the majority of cyberstalking victims do not report the incidents to law enforcement either because they feel that a criminal offense has not yet occurred, or because they feel that law enforcement will not take them seriously.A cyberstalker can also cause a lot of havoc in a chat group through flooding a target's Internet chat channel to disrupt conversation.

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There are more than 420 million individual pornographic webpages today.

Research shows that 50% of the web-sites containing potentially illegal contents relating to child abuse were ‘Pay-Per-View’.

More complex forms of harassment include mail bombs, sending the target a devastating virus, or spamming the target with electronic junk mail.

Cyberstalking shares important characteristics with offline stalking.

Of course, we know that to exhibit bullying, violent or criminal behaviour is indefensible and should be punished according to the law.

However, what starts out as meaningful criticism by well-meaning netizens can snowball into a never-ending cycle of ridicule, contempt and insults online that is uncivilised and a bad reflection of the character of the people throwing out the insults anonymously. “These (cyber bullies; keyboard warriors) who makes unsupported criticism on the online social network about someone’s wrongdoing can be categorised as ‘cowards’', said an expert on the subject of social networking who didn’t want to be identified.

Types of DOS There are three basic types of attack: a. Destruction or Alteration of Configuration Information c.

Consumption of scarce, limited, or non-renewable resources like NW bandwith, RAM, CPU time. Physical Destruction or Alteration of Network Components e.

Even before she was officially charged and sentenced for her behaviour, the abuse and vindictive comments came fast and furious online Similarly, another video showing female students in a fistfight also became viral early in May and was a top trending favourite among Malaysian cyber surfers who appointed themselves judge and jury in deciding who was right or wrong.

In the increasingly wired and digitally connected world that we live in, many lives have been scarred by cyber bullies, whether it is being ridiculed, despised, shamed or being made to feel like an outcast through the spreading of social media gossip, viral videos, scandalous photographs or malicious text messages.

Pornography:- The literal mining of the term 'Pornography' is “describing or showing sexual acts in order to cause sexual excitement through books, films, etc.” This would include pornographic websites; pornographic material produced using computers and use of internet to download and transmit pornographic videos, pictures, photos, writings etc.