dating direct events Updating time on meditech sever

ZEISS FORUM Office is an intuitive solution that includes the ZEISS FORUM eye care data management solution preinstalled on a powerful, state-of-the-art computer.

You have a growing demand for mobile solutions capable of providing workflow support beyond the eye care facility.

For example, the ability to access patient examination data whenever and wherever needed offers greater flexibility in structuring your day.

Meditech has wisely optimized the 6.1 EHR application for multiple devices using the same architecture from the same database.

LSS, the previous ambulatory application, will be replaced by the new application that includes very friendly medication management, clinical documentation, and order entry tools.

This tab is only available if your computer is not a member of a domain.

When you click the Update Now button, your clock should be synchronized immediately.

You can conveniently display results during a patient consultation, discuss a case with a colleague, or review examination findings and reports from any location. A.: Mapping the visual field to the optic disc in normal tension glaucoma eyes.

* The displayed sample patient data are completely fictional.

If your computer is a member of a domain, your computer clock is probably synchronized automatically by a network time server If your computer is not a member of a domain, you can synchronize your computer clock with an Internet time server.

If synchronization is enabled, your computer clock is synchronized with an Internet time server once a week.

If it fails, it may be for one of the following reasons: Your personal or network firewall prevents clock synchronization.