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The ranch-style home originally was designed to be both affordable and fitting of the minimalist needs of Depression-era families.This bland home style with low-pitched roofs and closed-off interior rooms proliferated across the U. in the 1950s and continues to perplex homeowners who want to remodel.

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The large amounts of glass and bright chartreuse color add contemporary contrast and dimension to the ranch home.

Inside, the new design opened up all of the main rooms into a suite of distinct yet interconnected spaces.

“I would say that half of the houses I look at have this basic design and its inherent limitations,” says Robert Kauffman, principal at Kauffman Design (

“These homeowners are hungry for ideas.” In hopes of alleviating some of the frustration, here are four Atlanta area remodeling projects that feature imaginative updates for ranch homes.

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A while back, in a story about planning for a kitchen remodel, we asked readers to share their experiences and thoughts.Every week, we are contacted by more new readers who’ve just made an offer on or moved into a midcentury house.They are usually extremely enthusiastic about getting started with projects — and that’s a good thing — .I mentioned in a comment yesterday that we hadn’t changed much with our “new old” kitchen, but actually, we did have the electrical brought up to code and the kitchen and utility plumbing completely replaced.The sink drained fine when we had the house inspected, but before we had even moved in, it stopped.Over the last decade we’ve spent quite a bit of time and energy remodeling mid-century modern homes (MCMs).