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After you make the replacement, applications will use the new DLL.When you write a DLL, you must be careful to ensure that it is prepared for this situation, especially if the DLL maintains global state information or communicates with other services.When I attempt to install Microsoft Visual C 2010 Redistributable I get the following error.

The latest known version of is, which was produced for Windows.DLL ("dynamic link library") files such as are small programs, similar to EXE ("executable") files, which allow multiple software programs to share the same functionality (eg. For example, let's say you are running Windows and editing a document in Microsoft Word.It is sometimes necessary to replace a DLL with a newer version.Before replacing a DLL, perform a version check to ensure that you are replacing an older version with a newer version. The method you use to replace DLLs that are in use depends on the operating system you are using.On Windows XP and later, applications should use Isolated Applications and Side-by-side Assemblies.

It is not necessary to restart the computer if you perform the following steps: Before you make this replacement, applications will use the original DLL until it is unloaded.

Although this provides many benefits for software developers, this separation also provides an opportunity for problems to occur.

Quite simply, if Windows cannot properly load your msvcrt40file, you will encounter an error message.

MSM However, these install versions 6.00.8797.000 and 6.00.8168.000 We need to install version 6.10.8637.0 of both files.

1) Can I just do this using, say ORCA, and updating the existing MMs? I looked on the Microsoft sight but couldn't find out anything useful.

To reduce system overload, you can use the Microsoft System Configuration Utility to manually find and disable processes that launch upon start-up.