Updating facebook status via sms

With Facebook Mobile SMS you can update your Status and reply all via SMS.

Staying social while your mobile doesn’t mean you have to pay for a data plan.

All that aside, with some careful planning this method has worked great for me for the past week and I have fully cancelled my data plan saving me almost 0 a year.

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Using SMS, you can update and receive status messages from your favorite social networks using the messaging plan you probably already have.Using social networks via Short Message Service (SMS) will not only cut down on your mobile phone bill, it will also increase your phone’s battery life, and allow you to stay up to date with social networks without needing a smartphone.To control who sees your Tweets, Retweets and username, go to your Facebook Application settings and click Edit for the Twitter app to restrict who can see your Tweets and Retweets on your Facebook wall.Unless you have explicitly chosen to authorize Twitter for Facebook to connect your Twitter account to your Facebook account, we will not cross-post to Facebook on your behalf, or display on Facebook your Twitter username, profile picture, or other profile information.Users will also be able to send voice clips, stickers and location information – all via a text.

However Facebook says that sending SMS messages on the service won't use up your monthly data allowance, as the site separates out these messages, but instead will still come out of your normal text limits.

The updated Facebook for Android app, meanwhile, will include many of the same features.

Both updates are arriving in the Google Play store shortly.

When you choose to connect your Twitter account to your Facebook account, the Facebook authentication dialog screen specifies the Facebook account information that you authorize sharing with Twitter, including your public profile and birthday.

This information allows us to cross-post between Twitter and Facebook and may help us improve your Twitter experience, for example, with better suggestions and content on Twitter.

Get started by logging into your account and going to your account settings.