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But keep an eye out for those that have had one or two too many, which is not an uncommon sight. For some reason I have never found it the friendliest of places.

Accordingly, the radiocarbon ages that were older than the corresponding OSL ages during the Holocene seem to have been a consequence of the influx of C-deficient carbon delivered from adjacent soils and Paleozoic carbonate rocks by the westerly winds, a process that is also active today.

In addition to the input of old reworked carbon by eolian processes, the late Pleistocene sediments were also influenced by old carbon delivered by deglacial meltwater.

If you are heading out of town into the Steppe be sure to pack for all seasons, as they frequently all occur in one day. If it's the afternoon I'll go for a hike down Peace Avenue, taking in the Beatles wall and Sukhbaatar Square.

By evening I'm ready for a beer, so I usually head for the Grand Khan (Seoul Street, Sukhbaatar District; 00976 11 336666; where they show a lot of live sport, or the Ikh Mongol (Seoul Street, Sukhbaatar District; 320450) opposite the State Circus, where there's usually a live band.

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We then make the journey north to the remote and spectacular Khövsgöl Lake before heading back towards the capital.

Chinggis Khaan International Airport (IATA code: ULN).

The results of this study suggest that when eolian sediment transport is suspected, especially in lakes of arid environments, the OSL dating method is superior to the radiocarbon dating method, as it eliminates a common ‘old-carbon’ error problem.

I love the way that modern life blends somewhat awkwardly with the traditional Mongolian lifestyle – this juxtaposition makes it a fascinating city.

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