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Haley has driven well as of late – netting two top 10s in his last three races.

The trucking companies that do this, know that the burden of proof is placed on the driver, not on them. For example: we all know that there have been drivers who have given the trucking company their two week notice and the company then tells them to drop off the truck/trailer at a certain location. Most often, no company management at the terminal will sign anything for the driver stating that they did, indeed, do as they were instructed.

The driver does as he/she is told, does everything correctly and professionaly, insures that all freight loads have been delivered, etc., and yet, later they discover that the trucking company has placed an "abandoned vehicle" on their DAC Report. Most other drivers would be leery of "getting involved" in fear of losing their job.

Unfortunately for the thief, Huo was too quick thinking for him, and was determined to get his phone back.

The thief got on a motorbike to ride away, but he made a U-turn and passed by Huo's truck on the other side of the street.

Speaking to a local news station, Huo, the driver, said he was in his truck waiting for a delivery when he heard a knock on the door.

Thinking it was the person to deliver the goods, he rang his boss to confirm - but the man was actually a thief, and snatched the phone out of his hand.Many drivers use a recording device to record their instructions from dispatch or whoever . Generally, the law states that the person you are recording, must KNOW that they are being recorded.Hire Right will conduct an investigation, free of charge, if you believe information in your report is incomplete or inaccurate.Grappler truck tires are specifically designed to help you transition from pavement to dirt with ease.These tires can handle the most challenging off-road terrain including dirt, sand, rocks and mud while maintaining on-road comfort and minimal road noise.Crafton won Stage 2 at Dover and finished 11th in the race.