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It was also a great opportunity for NTU Nigerian alumni across the years to meet and network, as alumni from the class of 2007 through to 2016 attended.

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yconic is the place where you can give and get the help you need for your life as a student. It's okay to provide constructive criticism, but there is no need to insult other members. To help keep our community an enjoyable, helpful and safe place for all members, please adhere to the following guidelines. The Ontario Archaeology Theses Database is a work in progress.We will be adding and updating entries on an ongoing basis as new theses are completed and as past graduate research on the archaeology of Ontario comes to light.Fleming College, Trent University and their student associations are encouraging communication around sexual consent through a new campaign aimed at post-secondary students and the public. is a partnership between Fleming, Trent, the Kawartha Sexual Assault Centre, and PARN-Your Community AIDS Resource Network, ,...

If you have been following the news about the Ontario Government’s changes to the Health and Physical Education Curriculum, you might be wondering, “What’s the deal?

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This database has been created as a resource for members and the general public to obtain details about MA theses and Ph D dissertations on various aspects of the archaeology of Ontario.

Each entry contains: the author’s name, thesis title, date of completion, degree awarded, academic institution and thesis supervisor(s). At present there are abstracts only for some theses, but we hope to make all abstracts available over time, as well as links to the online documents, where applicable.

By Lindsay Yates My name is Lindsay Yates and I am a fourth year student at Trent studying gender studies and media studies.