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1 on the Rock Songs chart, as well as multiple music videos and televised performances prior to the Sept.23 announcement, Green Day could not spread the word about the releases of "Dos! ," and their initial album sales reflect that lack of promotion.

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Three of the Wake Me Up When September Ends rockers’ American dates have been pushed back – while a fourth date in Canada has been axed completely. Europe and UK dates starting in 2017 also announced.The lads – Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt, and Tré Cool – were due to commence their Revolution Radio Tour tomorrow in Ohio, but illness has caused havoc with plans. #Rev Rad Tour @billiejoearmstrong @mikedirnt @trecool #greenday #Were Just Getting Started!October 14 marks an important day in Armstrong's career: the release of his first lead role on the silver screen."Back then, I just wanted to write songs I could be proud of and be able to play in five years," Green Day singer-guitarist Billie Joe Armstrong says, recalling his state of mind exactly 20 years ago – on February 1st, 1994, the day his band's third album and big-record-deal debut, and is still Green Day's label. And how did you ultimately decide to go with Rob Cavallo and Reprise? We had this room we shared with another band, the East Bay Weed Company, and there were people we knew upstairs. I was dicking around with it, making demos, just with myself playing. It was probably [the opening track] "Burnout." There were nerves. We heard about record labels telling bands, "This is what's wrong. You can see [AC/DC's] Angus Young on there, the woman from the first Black Sabbath album cover. most people don't even think like that anymore.," the second part of the group's three-album follow-up to 2009's "21st Century Breakdown," which started with 69,000 copies sold in its first week in November according to Nielsen Sound Scan, and now with "Tre! Of course, those numbers can be chalked up to forces beyond the control of any marketing team. " understandably stepped aside for personal necessity.

When frontman Billie Joe Armstrong announced on Sept. 's" release -- that he would be seeking treatment for substance abuse, the rollout of "Uno! The group's remaining 2012 tour dates, including a spot at the Voodoo Music Experience fest, were scrapped, and its 21-date North American trek was postponed. " was promoted with a single, "Oh Love," that hit No.He then attended John Swett High School, and later Pinole Valley High School in Pinole, California which he dropped out of.His father died from esophageal cancer when he was 10 and he and his siblings didn't like their stepfather when their mother remarried. He father bought him his first guitar which was a Cherry Red Hohner acoustic and his mother bought him his first electric guitar when he was 11, a Fernandes Stratocaster that he called 'Blue'.With 11 studio albums, including the 2004 multi-platinum opera, , its creation and dramatic, commercial aftermath. " We were also selling out the Whisky A Go Go [in Los Angeles]. I think a lot of people did, although people got warm to it. There was a photographer at 924 Gilman Street [the Berkeley-punk coop where Green Day played many of their early shows]. It suggests that for all of the backlash you got in the hardcore-punk community for signing to a big record company, your first major-label album wasn't so far from your underground roots and ideals. What follows are exclusive excerpts from my conversation with Armstrong, who remains amazed by that record's original and continuing impact. I remember [Lookout founder] Larry Livermore saying there were majors calling him. Anything someone said about us – I don't hold it against them, or anybody. It would have been unimaginable as recently as a few months ago for Green Day to release a full-length featuring a dozen new songs and sell less than 100,000 copies of the album in its first week. ," the first part of the trilogy released in September, bowed with 139,000 copies sold in its debut week, and has since moved a total of 256,000 units, according to Sound Scan.