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These coreblocks were faced with Aswan granite attributed to Khafre, but the coreblocks were already deeply weathered when the granite facing was originally applied.

None of her bosses were famous (though she says more than one wished they were), but she still got her fair share of outrageous and surreal requests while on the job, which she eventually turned into a book titled 'To My Future Assistant'.Here she shares with us a few of the weirdest errands she was asked to do:1.2016 Michigan Crash Data is now live on the Data Query Tool. The newly created crash maps are now available here!The publications portion of the MTCF website contains a large collection of Michigan crash data documents available back to 1992. Schoch © 1999-2000 ABSTRACT Many recent Egyptologists have attributed the carving of the Great Sphinx of Giza to the Old Kingdom Pharaoh Khafre (Chephren), ca. Initial carving of the core body of the Sphinx is estimated to have taken place during the period of approximately 7,000 to 5,000 B. The Sphinx has subsequently been reworked and refurbished many times over the succeeding millennia -- including, probably, during the reign of Khafre.

However, on the basis of a number of lines of geological, seismological, Egyptological, and related evidence, I have come to the conclusion that the structure commonly known as the Great Sphinx was built in stages (originally it may not have even been a Sphinx).

” while driving a rental car in a city I had never been to.

I had to figure out his location by having him read off the street signs he was passing and frantically typing the names into Google Maps until I figured out in which direction he was traveling, and on which street.3.

The Michigan Traffic Crash Facts (MTCF) website provides users with annual official Michigan crash data.

There are two sections to the website: the Publications section that contains crash data statistics dating back to 1992; and the Data Query Tool, which allows users to perform advanced searches... Road Segments and Map Area selection have been added to the Data Query Tool.

The first of several ancient repair campaigns to the weathered body of the Sphinx was done with typical Old Kingdom style masonry, but the core body of the Sphinx was already deeply weathered when this earliest repair work was carried out.