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The Stroop Test has been associated with impairment specifically in the prefrontal cortices of the brain, especially in earlier stages of Alzheimer’s. As Alzheimer’s progresses into the middle and late stages, the Stroop effect is not a valid indicator of the location or extent of impairment in the brain. While this is devastating news for Hunter, who managed to lock down six-straight knockout victories at 185 pounds before signing on with UFC, it's even more crushing for Janes, who will now have his own Octagon debut cancelled by the actions of another fighter.

The Stroop test, also referred to as the Stroop Color Word Test or the Stroop Effect, is a test dating back to the 1930’s that measures cognitive functioning.It may be used as part of the assessment process when conducting an evaluation to determine if someone has mild cognitive impairment, Alzheimer’s or another type of dementia.The Stroop effect was first written about by John Ridley Stroop in 1935 for his Ph. The test-taker has to be able to state the color that the word is written in and be able to ignore whatever the actual word is.For example, if you see the word “red” but it’s written in blue ink, the correct answer would be “blue”.Through the early part of their relationship, Jessica finds in Helen everything she'd dreamed of finding in a man.

They are compatible, they like many of the same things, and they are caring for one another.

If Hunter's failed test does in fact stick, it's safe to say the Middleweight brawler may never get another chance to fight in UFC.

UFC on FOX 21 will take place from Rogers Arena in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, and will feature a Welterweight main event between title contenders Demian Maia and Carlos Condit.

If any additional quarterback Wonderlic test scores are released we will be posting them here.

What can we learn from the Wonderlic scores of the 2017 quarterback class?

Older adults who do not have any cognitive impairment have, on average, a slower response time than younger and middle-age adults, but they typically answer the questions correctly.