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I know you’re upset with the way things are going, but can you write something for July 4th reminding everyone that America is still a great nation… I think we all need to here something hopeful like that! They want the inspiration of a viral marketing video.

That’s the criticism of you that I hear all the time… They want it like funnel cake: sweet, empty and quickly digested.

The sentiments were similar to Kerry’s own concession speech back in 2004, when he stated, “I spoke to President Bush, and I offered him and Laura our congratulations on their victory.

It’ll make you feel better for a time, but it won’t save you. In this case, however, we already fell off the cliff.

Here’s the truth: I am not happy with this country, and you shouldn’t be, either. We are shattered on the rocks below, and I’m truly not certain if we can be repaired.

[mattwalsh-social-instory] I could give you that, but I won’t.

I could write patronizing, pandering nonsense telling you everything is fine, this country is awesome, and the future will be bright and filled with lollipops and puppy dog farts. Am I supposed to pretend otherwise just for the sake of being festive?

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