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His manager told us at the time Weiss was hoping jail could help him, and that he'd be trying to write a script or jokes while behind bars. Weiss was sentenced to 150 days in jail for petty theft just last month, but only served 12 days due to overcrowding. Last week I mentioned the media portion of the Channel Media and Market Research poll.

Shaun Weiss -- who played Goldberg in 'The Mighty Ducks' -- got busted again 5 days after serving a jail sentence ... cops in Burbank got a 911 call last Wednesday for a suspicious person stumbling around yards in a neighborhood near the Warner Bros. Cops responded and arrested Weiss around PM, booking him for possession of a controlled substance. The two creepy perverts were snared when they sent dick pics to a fake account they believed to be a young female supporter. You can look but you can't touch the beer in the character's hand onscreen. Sometimes the bars we most enjoy visiting via a great story are places we wouldn't be caught dead in (because we might dead in them). More than 100 people reported seeing a 9-foot-tall, black, winged creature with glowing red eyes.

"There are a lot of people who just don't want to talk about it anymore, either because they are traumatized or they don't want the press attention," said Jeff Wamsley, a Point Pleasant native and author of "Mothman: The Facts Behind the Legend." "People were pretty much scared out of their wits." The story of this strange season in Point Pleasant was chronicled by journalist John A.Here is the release: BOSTON – Comcast launched a new series of programs available as part of Bruins On Demand …Continue reading The news came suddenly yesterday, the Boston Phoenix, in business since 1966, would be closing its doors, and today's issue would be the final one.This fall, Loth will be a Goldsmith Fellow at Harvard’s ...Pats receiver Chad Ochocinco bares it all - or almost all - in a new ad for PETA.Or the glass leaving pale rings on the wooden table in the pages of the novel you're devouring. From inns of the 14th century to inns of the 21st, from lonely gin joints to festering strip clubs, these are the 50 coolest fictional bars.