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Speaking of the term “responsible”, mum just called someone on the phone and she made a funny joke, the line was just ringing and at the end of it, a female voice in the background at the receivers end said “the number you have dialed is not responding” mum quote the lady and jokingly said “the number you have dialed is not responsible”, I am laughing so hard right now. The Olympics seems to be getting closer to the end, still waiting for my home country, Team Nigeria to somehow climb up and grab some medals, just learned that the Nigerian female team for 4*400 meters race held the fourth position (4shoot, got to go, something just came up, I'd finish up in a bit...... I'm back, it seems my pictures are refusing to upload, but hey, that will not stop me.Hey it’s a fun and fine Friday, wondering where you all will be tonight, just asking. Wanted to do a blast from the past videos for the weekend but since the network seems crappy at the moment, i will just leave the song title and artist featured in it.There is so much power right now at home, so much that almost every appliance and gadget at home seems to either explode or explode(smiles), i currently do not have a television cos mine is bad, my lamp bulb holder too is bad and my deep freezer seems to be forming real snow, the kind which is thicker than an ice berg if you know what i mean and my microwave too seems to come on now at will, i must commend the government for this new plan, for the first time in my life when the power goes off i actually scream (UP NEPA), LOLL sorry, its now P. Wild wild west- Will Smith ft Sisqo Now that's what i call a classic, a song that whenever i hear the beat i fell like saying hee haw! Shout out to Titi of Inspiration FM, my 3rd best favourite on air personality, she turned a year older today and her hubby, Mr.Oyinsan got her the cutest cake ever, aww, i must have me a bite.Victoria State Government provides funding as a strategic partner of The Conversation AU.

View current jobs from University of Melbourne View all partners Saturday’s Nepal earthquake has destroyed housing in Kathmandu, damaged World Heritage sites, and triggered deadly avalanches around Mount Everest.On a very good day, every other person usually goes out on a Friday night to get their groove on, but not for me.Unlike others, I spend most Friday nights with my mum, she says Friday night all boys and girls come out to play, only men and women find something creative doing at home, well, I agree with her also, I dis agree with her, not everyone who goes out on Friday night is a kid, as a matter of fact there are so many places to hang out for a bit, act responsibly and come back home at The right and due early time or hour.And then there are the ACC courses taught around the country – pavement design and construction in Seattle, Memphis, Chicago, Milwaukee, Boston, Fort Worth, Atlanta and Washington DC.2.5 million people die from their addiction each year.I was struck by how open and candid everyone was talking about new regulations and innovations, along with recent challenges and possible solutions.