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READ Blac Chyna Says She’s With Rob Kardashian For The Long Haul “I got receipts for days and I’m gonna keep going and I don’t give a f**k,” he said.”The girl told me today she gonna have a third baby daddy and she also told me today she wants to have more kids next year in June.And she sending me videos of her and another man with our babies in the house.And then this thirsty a** dude posting selfies in the house I pay for and bed I made my baby in damn shame.”The “dude” in question is rapper Rarri True, who isn’t the same man in the video Kardashian shared.

After speaking to several hundred female students, the team found that spending time on Facebook looking at selfies is linked to negative feelings about body image.

It is frightening to see the negative impact that a split-second selfie can have on young women, although on some level, we could have predicted this.

There are even trends that we jump on board with for no real reason, like after-sex selfies (literally, selfies taken immediately after sex), couplies (selfies of couples, generally quite smug-looking) and uglies (selfies where you pull a face.) Selfies seem to have bypassed the standard social norms and barriers of ageism and cool-ism.

Teens are obsessed, parents think it’s funny to get involved in the trend, celebrities were made for them and even hipsters take them semi-ironically.

There the guests were, Bonnie and Simon, wearing their underwear, preparing themselves for the inevitable. Bonnie had a little pop of Simon's hair length, Simon then put on a wig so that Bonnie could get her boobs out. "You must be a grower not a show-er."And with that, Simon's ego came crashing down into the empty fields of inadequacy and poor-endowment.

Just good old fashioned radio shenanigans that Terry Wogan would be more than proud of. Removing his boxers to reveal his manhood, host Jackie asked: "What do you think Bonnie? The two reportedly had sex while Miller was in Cancun, Mexico and she recorded it on her cell phone. frontwoman Laura Jane Grace has hit out at Rolling Stone Magazine for mishandling and ‘misgendering’ her in an article, as well as publishing an uncensored photo of the singer topless.Hannoura claims that Rolling Stone ‘botched’ the interview, and that her ‘biggest problem with this piece is the gross misrepresentation of LJ’s gender identity’.“Rolling Stone has never published a photograph of a non trans women’s nipples uncensored before, which, to me, reads as them making arbitrary distinctions between trans and non trans women, which is fucked up,” she wrote. In my opinion, this is not a subversive decision aimed at giving censorship the middle finger, it’s a blatant example of misgendering, of gender inequality, and a general slap in the face to anyone who expects to have their gender identity respected.” She continued: “ANYWAYS, I wrote to Rolling Stone after the piece came out but (surprise) they haven’t replied so I’m posting the letter I sent them here in the hopes that it opens a couple of eyes to the tired, biased, conservative, one sided “journalism” they are perpetuating. Believe me, I want everyone’s tits out, I am in no way supporting the idea that censorship of women’s nipples is ok at all, but since Rolling Stone censors women’s nipples the photo should have looked a little more like this.” See Hannoura’s censored version of the photo below: Grace made headlines earlier this year for slamming North Carolina’s LGBT laws as ‘total, bigoted discrimination’. For those who have followed the NBA pro on Twitter, his courtship of Joe Budden‘s ex-flame has played out for all of social media, and it looks like Joe might be at his breaking point. Although Joe Budden has shown that he was happy for Tahiry and her new found flame, Joe’s recent tweets might suggest his patience is wearing thin on the woman he made famous.