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Before you start: No more In-place upgrade from Share Point 2010 to Share Point 2013!

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Microsoft Share Point Designer 2010 is a Web and application design program used to build and customize Share Point sites and applications.With Share Point Designer 2010, you can create data-rich pages, build powerful workflow-enabled solutions, and design the look and feel of your site.This is still very common for our clients, even if it’s just a need to provide a different home page experience or add some lists/libraries/content types/global admins to the site.After all, I think that *whatever* Microsoft provide as the default experience, many orgs benefit from some lightweight changes to this – and so site templating continues to be important in Share Point. Certainly when I consider my wish list, many items relate to “doing team sites at scale” in Share Point – so perhaps let’s think about that first.See the Applies To tag at the top of each article to find out which version of Share Point an article applies to.

Summary: Learn about the elements of a document management solution and the document management planning process in Share Point 2013.The sites you create may range from small project management sites to dashboard-driven portal solutions for the enterprise.Share Point Designer 2010 delivers a unique site authoring experience by providing one place where you can create a site; customize the components that make up the site; design the logic of the site around a business process; and deploy the site as a packaged solution.We are in the process of combining the Share Point Server 2013 and Share Point Server 2016 content into a single content set.We appreciate your patience while we reorganize things.So you are excited by Share Point 2013's new features and tend to migrate from Share Point 2010 to Share Point 2013?