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Microsoft wants everyone to develop their own bots.

The idea seems scary and the company knows it too, but it envisions a future that is not about “man versus machine,” but “man with machines.” Today at the Build 2016, Microsoft’s chief Satya Nadella said that the bots are like applications that you converse is a small milestone in human history to have produced a machine that can do this." - Andrew Brown in The Darwin Wars. When I was an undergraduate in 1989 I hooked up an Artificial Intelligence "chatbot" called "MGonz" to the Internet, with interesting results.For many years I told people about it, and there was always a certain amount of interest.Stereo speakers are definitely priced possessions of our home, but before buying speakers there are several important factors to consider.The factors that you must never compensate are personal preference, Read more »Freemake Video Downloader is a utility software that enables a user to download a video from video streaming websites like You Tube to their personal computers.The future is going to be full of people who will be talking to these chatbots, the company said. To help humanity move toward that future where bots only take the best side of humanity and live withhumans, Microsoft launched its Microsoft Bot Framework today at its Build 2016 conference.