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We just found out that the same folks who make Vig RX Plus now have an improved version of this great male supplement called Vig FX.

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Steve Jones is a geneticist, a well-known one, if you move in those circles. You can skip my version and watch it below if you wish. Then they pump the resulting slurry at high pressure and temperature through a spray nozzle.

In that factory they mix a bunch of ingredients together: water softeners, enzymes, bleach, detergent, and water.

But the people who do this for a living had a problem. The powder that came out was too big or too small, too dry or too wet.

If you make soap powder the last thing you need is a nozzle full of lumpy, gunky, almost but not quite, soap powder. The solution to a problem like this is to find some experts. They had qualifications in heat exchange mechanisms and applied mathematics. Then they pumped soap slurry through the different nozzles until they blocked and looked at the results.

ALBANS - Prosecutors have dismissed two charges against Franklin County state Sen.

Norm Mc Allister, ending the first of two sexual-assault trials for the suspended lawmaker after one day of testimony.

Wheeler declined to elaborate Thursday morning on the dismissal, adding that disclosing the information could affect subsequent court proceedings.“No, I can’t.

I don’t want anything to affect any future trials,” she said.

What this means is that the ingredients are released at a slower rate and can be used by your body even more productively than it could with Vig RX Plus.

Essentially, Vig FX uses the same formula as Vig RX but it has been improved for optimum absorption in order to get a greater amount of sexual enhancement results from the supplement.

Basically, Vig FX is a naturally derived male potency solution for sex-drive and erection enhancement.