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Sociology, University of Illinois at Chicago Specialty areas: Sexuality, Technology, Embodiment M. Title: "Respectable Promiscuity: Digital Cruising in an Era of Queer Liberalism" [email protected] Office: 4118 BSB Previous Degrees: B. English and Spanish Literature, University of Pennsylvania M. Sociology, University of Illinois Chicago Specialty areas: Organizations, Economic Sociology, Nonprofit Organizations [email protected] Office: 4051 BSB Previous degrees: B. Psychology and Women's Studies, Illinois State University M. Sociology, University of Illinois at Chicago Specialty areas: Sexuality, Embodiment, Sport, Teaching, Violence Broadly speaking, my interests lie in constructions of power and the material realities that these constructions have on our bodies and lives.

Kuntz-Angel, 52, had outstanding warrants for invitation to sexual touching a person under 14 in Chilliwack in 2006, and invitation to sexual touching under 16 in Chilliwack and Hope from 2008.

There’s a long list of charges he’s currently facing, including touching a young person for a sexual purpose in Chilliwack in 2013, sexual assault in Vernon in 2014, sexual assault in Chilliwack and Hope in August 2016, and “procuring” in Vernon in November 2016. 1, 2016, assault causing bodily harm in Chilliwack on Dec.

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TORONTO, Canada — You might say he was Runnin’ with the Devil.

A British Columbia man previously known in Ontario for successfully impersonating David Lee Roth, the lead singer of Van Halen, and was in the middle of a love triangle that turned deadly, is facing numerous child sex charges dating back to 2006.

[email protected] office: 4126C BSB Previous degrees: B. Other interests include white privilege and neighborhood inequality. work considers the consequences of a felony conviction on one's rights, leading to what I term "felony denaturalization".

Particularly I'm interested in the political, social, and economic environment immediately preceding genocide. My other interests include the sociology of teaching and social movements. Specifically, I am interested in the qualitative experiences of black boys and men in schools and universities.

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My undergraduate research focused on the urban place-making practices of faith-based community development organizations in low-income, racially segregated neighborhoods. Sociology, University of Illinois at Chicago Specialty areas: Gender, Sexuality, Transgender Studies, Queer and Feminist Theory M. Title: "'I Have a Beard but That Doesn't Mean I'm One of You, Okay? Political Science, University "L'Orientale" of Naples, Italy M. Broadly speaking, I’m interested in the analysis of the Neoliberal ideology, the current functions of the state with its civil institutions and the interconnections with the economy and the market. I continue to be interested in conducting qualitative work on formerly incarcerated populations, and more generally, on how stigma functions in the reentry process.