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Natakot 'yung victim and they were able to give P20,000 through a money transfer.

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World Naked Hiking Day is being held on 21 June 2017 - with an increasing frenzy for nudist activities the world seems to be moving towards an 'aux-natural' life style.

And the Hiking Un-fit Hiking Club has made it their prerogative to get the word out around South Africa.

Many South Africans have turned to hiking to satisfy this need for a 'natural' connection - escaping the cities concrete jungle.

From Cape Town to Jozi there are multitude of spots to hike through and enjoy the scenic views - a magnificent opportunity to let your hair down and run wild. All across the world individuals are braving it bare READ: Chinese skinny-dippers defy public morals on nudity.

Need to discuss private information – say, that odd rash – with friends and family?

Chat with your accountant about your financials or your wonky bookkeeping methods? Facebook’s working on it: the company announced on Friday that it’s testing end-to-end encrypted messaging as an opt-in service in Messenger.Hiking has become a growing trend within the world and we move towards connecting with mother nature and 'being at one with the environment'.The increase in technology has established a desired need to connect with the outdoors and to enjoy the environment.Once this is done, the suspect is able to access the Facebook account and retrieve information stored inside.Guillermo said, "Kung sa kanyang observation sa social media account, kung napapansin niya ang mga messages sa chat at timeline, na parang merong intimate conversation between a female or a male user sa social media, ang gagawin niya doon he will try to change the password of the female user and then he will try to reset the password." PNP-ACG said Ecaro's modus is to closely monitor the victim's Facebook account and then hack it when opportunity arises.Anyone who has ever dabbled in online dating will know that the saying 'you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince' never rang more true.