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Hong is hardly impressed, and a battle of will and wits begins, both between each other and within themselves, as both Yu-rim and Hong are unsure of what each other wants and what they want themselves.Rules is the story of a twelve-year-old girl named Catherine, who is torn between caring for her autistic brother David and finding her own place in life.She sometimes has troubles with her brother, but she's never done anything that might hurt other people. She's full of love and dreams, but something terrible happens to her! Since he's never been in need, he doesn't care about money.

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Catherine's day-to-day life during one summer vacation is usually occupied by caring for David and trying her best to keep him out of trouble.

To do so, Catherine has created numerous rules for David, such as "Say 'excuse me' after you burp" or "You can yell on the playground, but not during dinner." David has little sense of decorum or social conventions, and is easily upset by seemingly insignificant things.

If he didn't have his unique sweetness or his charming smile or his handsome appearance, he would have been a target to many people who hate him.

This personality makes him attractive, but it can also be very hurtful to some people.

Reviews: “Amazing,” “Inspiring,” “A shot in the arm!

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On the other hand, Kristi is a fashionable, "cool" girl that Catherine is desperate to befriend.

Catherine, who loves drawing, draws a few word cards for Jason to put in his book, and this begins their friendship.

He's interested in Hee-Won who frequents Seo-Jun's studio. He thought that his plan had worked beautifully, but he didn't expect Geum-Young to make a counterattack.

He's a rude and rather stupid player, but there's something about him so that most people can't hate easily.

Lee Yoo-rim is a high school English teacher who is cute, clever, and shameless.