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But in an interview with Dna, Arbaaz revealed that Yellow is a friend he visits during his holidays in Goa and that he is dating a Romanian woman named Alexandria. The announcement of their separation had come as a shock to the industry and fans as the couple had been married for almost 17 years.

If they are not playing the untouchable, they are awfully dependent, possessive and annoying.Romanian men, I have heard, are unfaithful, macho, liars, and treat their women as their own possessions.Arbaaz Khan, who has already filed for divorce from his wife Malaika Arora Khan, was rumored to have been in a relationship with a Goa-based woman.However, now it turns out that she is a Romanian and her name is Alexandra Camelia and they know each other for the last six months.I don’t know how is to date a Romanian girl, I have never tried, and those who dated me ….is difficult to track down and take the confession out of them, which places me in a very good position here.

Well, distinctions must be made also, on age, education, background, big city, small city.In fact, Arbaaz Khan’s Instagram account has several pics of the beauty and even the mighty khan confirmed it to a daily. Mumbai: One of the most popular celebrity couples in B-Town, Malaika Arora Khan and Arbaaz Khan had announced their decision to separate earlier last year and the couple have filed for divorce. As of now, there is still a long way to go." As far as getting back with former wife Malaika is concerned, the ‘Dabang’ star feels they are not meant to be.(written by a woman :-)) The right way of flirting is the key to love.Hmmm…is a tough one, as I haven’t dated a Romanian in ages and, in any case, I can only provide a girl’s perspective.We have a child together, and there are the grandparents, uncles and aunts.