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First, diverting lottery funds for state pension deficit, then, the 300 million dollars for capital improvements and renovations; and now a bridge to Delaware and creating a park by the state complex.

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Luciano described the series as "recreating the uncomfortable into quizzical, whimsical photos that leave you feeling like... Any time we can ogle potential future meals while enjoying a taste of surrealism, we're on board.

Check out the not-quite-food-porn images below and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Through their imaginative vision a frog plays billiards, fashionable chickens get a manicure and a classy pig ashes his cigar.

The colorful photos offer up a very unorthodox spin on food photography, taking the cold feet from the dark days of boiling water to a new life dripping in sophistication.

Well if anyone knows bridges it’s Chris Gw B Christie.

Saturday’s Page 6 young lady looks like it was a pornographic picture. I think you want to just take it off, and I am appalled by it.

This fantastical scenario is the basis for "Cold Feet," a delicious photography series by husband and wife team Davide Luciano and Claudia Ficca.

Luciano, a photographer, and Ficca, a food stylist, make the perfect pair as they team up to turn raw ingredients into lively characters.

Passing a six-year prison sentence, Judge Jonathan Rose said: "This will be your first prison sentence, this is all entirely your fault." The former Sunderland and Manchester City winger was found guilty of sexual activity with a teenager.

He also admitted another charge of sexual activity a child, and said he groomed the girl.

The 28-year-old was then re-arrested on suspicion of possessing images of extreme pornography, it can be reported after restrictions were lifted.