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Previously, the solution was to disable any extra Flash plugins, but as has been pointed out in the comments below, the latest version of Chrome shows only one Flash plugin.According to Adobe, there was a known bug in older versions of Chrome which "significantly impacted Flash performance"[email protected], As long as you're doing the latter script, I'd recommend installing the package that's available at /Volumes/Flash Player/Install Adobe Flash Flash

To work around this issue, select the file in Finder and then press Command i to bring up the Get Info window.Click the arrow next to *Name & Extension* to reveal the full file name.If you are going to all this trouble to keep flash up to date why not just let it update itself?It also seems like you are copy & pasting tidbits from all over the fine as far as it goes but you should try and learn from what you find and apply it elsewhere.In many cases, the Flash Security Update you must install a later version of the Macromedia Flash Player".

In April 2008, Adobe is releasing another security update that may cause issues too.

This wouldn't install or update the Flash updater mechanism, but since you're handling the updates anyway, I don't see that as a significant drawback. /bin/sh # Script to download and install Flash Player. # Change working directory to /tmp /usr/bin/cd /tmp #download flash dmg.

Yes I have agreed to all of the licensing terms and am fully compliant with everything in the whole world.

Adobe Flash is a plugin for Internet Explorer and Firefox that allows active content to be displayed in your web browser.

As with other third party programs, its updated on a regular basis.

Very often in *NIX land but unfortunately not as often in OS X when you have to do backflips to get the info.