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But what the point of chat filter isn't it that people use it to stop seeing the words they don't want to read? (and all the work to re-instate accounts on your end) How about you for the first week you get a message that says "You would have received a (mute/ban) for the use of the word (insert word)".

Read More Your experience greatly depends upon the people you meet and how cool they are.For example: I once played an epic game of dog tag with another kitty, only to block him out of the tree by getting a bunch of other cats to sleep near the base. If you don't find cool people at first, keep trying, they're out there! I'm trying to play this game because it sounds really cool, but it won't load for me.Digital love is here, and that means couples are increasingly turning to technology for everything from communication and romantic ideas to ordering flowers and creating personalised gifts.Predictably, there are a never-ending list of apps that are aimed at couples, and lots of them are pretty useless.If you continue to have difficulty, try emptying your browser's cache and reload the page. It keeps saying "Enter Room Name to Create" but when I try, it just says that that room isn't available or something...

I tried Kitty Rpg and Kitty Rpg2 but they didn't work either. I keep trying to play this game but I keep getting what the game is calling a "connection error".

Will save the devs a lot of time, I'm just worried it'll be like the other filter where you can't say "spoon" or anything. I activated Chat Filtering and sometimes I got my speech covered by asterisk, probably because of missing spaces between words (a random bug of swipe keyboard on android), that foolished filtering sistem in some way. I always figured I would never get banned because I mostly behave myself but I foresee a fire grate death followed by a eff word and an autoban coming my way Note to self.....behave!

I hope content autocontrol will be implemented as an automatic alert system for an human to check, or my days on PL are approaching a bad end... ALS, Any chance of implementing this with a warning first for a week or two so we can have a chance to avoid unintentional or unwarranted mute/bans?

Subsequent mutings will then be counted and can result in progressively longer game bans. We go through great lengths to make sure that Pocket Legends is a fun, safe place for players of all ages.

This new system should help alleviate the current customer service load when dealing with in-game reports. But seriously, it's a great idea, I just hope it works well. dont wanna be banned bcz of some unwanted words i dont think that they are bad... this always got filtered, but i didnt want to write that word..

Now I don’t want to discuss the issue itself in any great detail, but instead where we go from this moving forwards and how we can best protect our community from dangerous individuals.