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"I was completely blown away with that, hitting my PB," she said yesterday. I was really happy with that but then my back started to cease up so I didn't do my best on the bench or the deadlift." Hamilton lifted 90kg in the bench press and 150kg in the deadlift, well below her best in those disciplines.While disappointed, she said it was a good opportunity for her new coach Shaun Housman to see her in "competition mode".

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Letchworth was a relatively small parish, having a population in 1801 of 67, rising to 96 by 1901.

In 1898, the social reformer Ebenezer Howard wrote a book entitled To-morrow: A Peaceful Path to Real Reform (later republished as Garden Cities of To-morrow), in which he advocated the construction of a new kind of town, summed up in his Three Magnets diagram as combining the advantages of cities and the countryside while eliminating their disadvantages.

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A fair look at the evidence shows that humans are optimized for eating mostly or exclusively plant foods, according to the best evidence: our bodies.

We're most similar to other plant-eaters, and drastically different from carnivores and true omnivores.

The town was laid out by Raymond Unwin as a demonstration of the principles established by Ebenezer Howard who sought to create an alternative to the industrial city by combining the best of town and country living.

It is also home to the United Kingdom's first roundabout, which was built in 1909.

Essentially the “unofficially official” Cross Fit shoe—Reebok is the fitness phenomenon’s big sponsor—the new Nano 6.0 has myriad features designed to take whatever your WOD dishes out: a Kevlar upper for maximum durability, a rock-solid but responsive midsole, and a grippy outsole designed to increase stability during both dynamic movements and dynamic lifts.

One quirk: As with Rocky movies and Beethoven symphonies, people tend to like either the even-numbered Nanos or the odd-numbered Nanos.

A NIGGLING back injury was not enough to stop Billa Hamilton from producing a personal best squat at the weekend.