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Like other nonprofit charity organizations we are rely on donations for most of our programs and funding. I thank you from deep inside of all of me for this article.thank you also for all the work that you do and have done for so long.

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I enjoy your website and I feel comforted by your words.

I hope to attend one of your conferences someday soon.

Sharing your personal journey into poly with us is very courageous and encourages the rest of us to free ourselves too.

I am personally seeking information about triad specifically the closed vee fmf types.

This is the Home Page for the Usenet newsgroup, if your web browser supports newsgroups.

This is one of the oldest, reliable and well established sources of Polyamory information on the Internet.alt.polyamory is the custodians of the alt.polyamory Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) information pages.This site is dedicated to the exploration of polyamory, and is based on the idea that many people are ready for the experience of giving and receiving love without conditions.Registration is free; there is also a fee-based service with some extra features.An informative guide to polyamory resources in Australia, including an introduction to polyamory, contact information for poly-friendly health professionals, annotated guides to websites and email lists, a calendar of local and national events, and more. Polyamoury group based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.But we have 40 years of positive poly experiences and horrendous poly mistakes between us.