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Andrew Masters, 29, left a blustery Brighton last December to take up a job in the south Pacific.

In the first of a new series featuring expatriate readers of BBC News Online, Andrew tells of his new life.

A 10-year-old boy was brought into the centre, the senior inspector said, to be given food some days before the attack by the soldiers."He was given some fruits by the residents in the centre and then he was taken out again," he said."So there was nothing done to him and also there was no official complaint by the parents of that small boy."Asylum seekers in the centre said the boy was begging for food at the centre entrance and that staff were aware that he was brought inside to be fed.They urged the Australian Government to release CCTV footage from the many cameras at the centre, saying it would show their account was correct. Ronny Knight, a former Manus MP currently fighting his dismissal from the PNG Leadership Tribunal, said a boy was brought into the centre, but that it happened well before the attack.The Trump Administration says will honor the 'dumb deal' President Obama made with Australia to resettle its offshore detainees.Could this mean a new home for Iranian cartoonist Eaten Fish?I'm also learning a bit of Pidgin, such as "em nau" for "that's right".

When the Economist Intelligence Unit rated Port Moresby as the worst city to live in - 130th out of 130 - it caused a bit of consternation here.I came out here on a British government scheme to work as an economist for the Papua New Guinean government. I'm submerged in not one, but two new cultures here in Port Moresby - Papua New Guinean and Australian.There are large numbers of Aussies here as it's so close - less than an hour's flight from Cairns.Editor's note (25/4/17): This story has been updated to reflect the fact that Ronny Knight is a former member of parliament for Manus.He was dismissed by the PNG Leadership Tribunal in 2015 for misconduct in office relating to the purchase of a boat for Manus Island, but had the dismissal stayed by a court order.They clearly didn't take into account the great diving you can do or the fact that you can leave Port Moresby and fly up to the Highlands or off to a Pacific island for the weekend.