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The golden age of chat room roleplaying was mechanic in nature.In December of 1996, the internet service provider, America Online, rid users of arbitrary hourly limits, and introduced unlimited usage, allowing eleven-year-old me to cruise on the internet without accumulating steep charges for my parents.

Such as he are fierce when crossed, and he hath a band of naughty men at his heels."Oh no; Geoff's not naughty to me, scarcely never," said Vicky, eagerly.The game’s strange universe forced young adolescents like myself to go into online chat rooms to seek interpretations of the game’s eco-terrorist characters and biopunk style.What we found was not direct explanations of the game’s characters, but styles of playing with those characters, sometimes brawling, sometimes erotic.Within chat room roleplaying (Chat RP), 1997 was a very crucial year.

The game was released in January, elevating character-driven stories in video games.

Soldier On is a coffee roastery and cafe that has since changed names to EZY PZY. A quick IP address search reveals that Melbourne Cool's website,, is linked to the same address as EZY PZY – and an "Alex Holt" happens to work there, too. He said the office space above EZY PZY was responsible for the linked IP address and that all further questions should be to Melbourne Cool.

When Buzz Feed News approached Melbourne Cool for comment, it was told that the owner of the Spoonful of Sugar popup store responsible for the product would be happy to chat. After agreeing to the interview, Buzz Feed News asked about the seriousness of all the posts on the page. Melbourne Cool has not responded to multiple requests for comments since, and neither has EZY PZY.

Texting is huge, especially if you're trying to win someone over.

Texting with your crush (or "flirtexting") gives you more opportunities to flirt with her than just hanging out.

You have to be witty, playful and charming in just a sentence or two, and once sent, there's no way to take a text back. When you're trying to think of something flirty to text your crush, you should try to think of something no one else but you could say.