Planeta dating

Polish film Planet Single, directed by Mitja Okorn (produced by Radosław Drabik and Michał Chaciński) follows the story of people that find each other.

He (Maciej Stuhr) one of the top celebrities in the country: a talk-show host with the most outrageous and original show on TV, where he uses puppets to satirize modern life.

Inspired by true events from the 1970s, the story revolves around a young detective who becomes the head of a police unit focused on catching a rampant serial killer of women, nicknamed 'The Silesian Vampire'.

Admiring her innocent romanticism, the showman offers her to become a heroine of his program.She will make dates online and he will reveal true faces of the men flirting in the net and ridicule of these naive women who seek their princes online.PLANET SINGLE is not just another Polish romantic comedy.The film will not cause anyone's depression nor rage attack.Women want to be with him, men want to be like him.

She (Agnieszka Wiedlocha) a teacher at a music school – a timid girl looking for Mr.

In his break-out role, popular Polish television star Maciej Zakoscielny plays the handsome young professional, who is torn between two women.

A Polish teacher moves to a provincial town and gets involved in investigating the brutal murder of a high school girl.

In a fantastic cast shine Maciej Stuhr, one of the best Polish actors, as TV showman Tomek and beautiful Agnieszka Wiedlocha as Ania, a music teacher who is hiding her sex-appeal.

Also starring: Danuta Stenka, Paweł Domagała, Tomasz Karolak, Weronika Książkiewicz, Katarzyna Bujakiewicz, Piotr Głowacki and Ewa Błaszczyk.

33-year old Ania (Agnieszka Wiedlocha) is charming, romantic, though not too self-confident teacher who is looking for her ideal man on internet dating sites.