Paulina rubio dating history

Xo calls her then boyfriend Zed to hang out and ends up getting arrested for shoplifting.– Chapter Twenty-Seven 2001 Ten years later, Xiomara is already a grown woman but still a carefree teenager at heart.

In detail, while covering the trial of Michael Jackson, Guthrie met Orchard.After Orchard divorced his first wife, journalist Anne Kornblut, they tied the knot in December 2005.Guthrie and Orchard divorced in 2009.2009 - 2013Savannah Guthrie dated Democratic political and communications consultant Michael Feldman.In detail, later in 2009 she began an affair with Feldman.They met on the set of their film "Love Don't Cost a Thing," and began dating.

They separated when Milian allegedly found out that Cannon was cheating on her.Alba told Xiomara to have an abortion, but Xiomara stood up for herself and kept the baby.1992 On June 12, the anniversary of her father Mateo's death, Xo wants to go to dinner with her mother to commemorate him, but Alba is devastated and wants time to herself to mourn.When they start dating, The Dream publicly denied their affair, while admitting he loved the attention.On September 4, 2009, they tied the knot at the Little White Chapel in Las Vegas, Nevada.On May 13, 2013, Guthrie announced on the Today Show that she and Feldman were engaged to be married.