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In addition, the Server Document contains the option, "Run restricted Lotus Script/Java agents*/My Org", so everyone should be able to run the Lotus NotesĀ®/Domino OOO agent.

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However, when they tried to disable the agents, they couldn't. It's worth noting that the Lotus Notes users received each this message all day.

Instead, the Out of Office profile displayed a message similar to that in Figure 1. I could not find any administration request on the Lotus Domino server.

See if any MPRs that apply authentication or authorization workflows are listed on this page.

If any MPRs that apply authentication or authorization workflows are listed on the Applied Policy page, view the value of the Request Status Detail attribute of the request resource.

The issue does not occur when using Lotus Domino Web Access (DWA) mail. About the author: Ulrich Krause a.k.a eknori has been working as administrator and developer with Lotus Notes and Domino since Release 4.

Five days after the holiday, I did a mass change on all Lotus Notes users' mail files to ensure that all access control lists (ACLs) only have editor access with all options set except "can create personal agents." Our company uses Lotus Domino server version 7.0.3 and Lotus Notes client version 7.0.2, with a modified dwa7mail template. Owner(0) ) If Not ( ACLEntry Is Nothing ) Then ACLEntry. Save End If 'Set OWNER access to DESIGNER Set ACLENtry = New Notes ACLEntry ( ACL, profile. Ulrich is the project chief of Open NTF's project !! , an open source helpdesk system for Lotus Notes and Domino. Please let others know how useful it is via the rating scale below.I tried to reproduce the error message on my workstation, but couldn't.However, the message was visible in the user's desktop when viewed remotely.Hi, I always have the following error on my Domino server Log file, related to Out Of Office agent execution, for any user who activates OOO: below a sample error for one user : "08/09/2007 Agent Manager: Error validating execution rights for agent 'Out Of Office|Out Of Office' in database 'mail\abekombo.nsf'.Agent signer 'Annie Bekombo/TAMOILCAM', effective user 'Annie Bekombo/TAMOILCAM'.Agent signer 'User One/My OU/My Org', effective user 'User One/My OU/My Org'.