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Pamporovo ski resort is located in the heart of the Rhodopi mountain. The ski slopes of Pamporovo are safe guarded and maintained in a very good condition.

The gentle profile of the mountain with its rounded slopes and summits makes Pamporovo suitable for beginners.

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The Insecam project gives the opportunity to dive into the routine of this beautiful and extraordinary homeland of tulips.By using of thousands Net Cam, Axis and Foscam public cameras, each visitor can see the Dutch life in a real-time.The local ski resorts are not so huge as French and not that wide as Austrian but the quality is even better.This is definitely the best variant for the family with kids, ski beginners and teen companies!In order to that fact, that Netherland’s land is under the sea level, we can say that the country was created by its population.

This country is very intriguing and it deserves to be visited by each tourist.

But there are difficult ski runs like "The Wall" for the advanced skiers.

Ski rentals are available near the ski runs and the lift stations, you can book ski equipment rental, ski school and lift pass with us, as well.

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