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The new update, Change Sets, allows engineers to proactively ‘preview’ the impact of changes, catch and prevent failures earlier and with higher probability.

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AWS Cloud Formation gives developers and systems administrators an easy way to create and manage a collection of related AWS resources, allowing them to provision and update them in an orderly and predictable fashion.As AWS partners, we push multiple AWS stack updates every week to help our customers bring new solutions to market quickly.Changesets contain the history of each item in version control.You can view a changeset to see what the exact file changes were, discover the owner's comments, find linked work items, and see if any policy warnings were triggered.However, you can roll back the effects of one or more changesets.

Required permissions You must be one of the Contributors for your team project.

Thus, the engineers had to engage in the “Push and Pray” method, often requiring that additional resources be on-hand in case the update failed part of the way through a stack, or resulting in the downtime of key applications or services. This feature allows engineers to quickly revert back to the last known good state.

While an immense help in mitigating downtime, it doesn’t really help engineers address the real root of the failure: Human errors (ie, cloudformation bugs or manual changes to the stack).

Required Permissions You must be one of the Contributors for your team project.

Each changeset has zero, one or two parent changesets.

The second stage goes back up, from the files, to the manifest, to the changelog.