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"Sadly, we have learned [Spring Branch ISD] cares more about its reputation than the safety of our kids." School officials have denied that claim.In a statement they said "to the best of SBISD's knowledge, the administration's actions were effective in causing any inappropriate behavior to stop." They further accuse the parents of ignoring repeat requests for copies of all electronic communications sent between the two students.

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The parents of a 14-year-old girl are speaking out after they say an older school jock threatened to spread racy photos of her unless she had sex with him and gave him more nude pictures.

That alleged "sextortion" nightmare comes as the enraged Houston girl's parents further accuse school officials of staging a cover-up during authorities' investigation.

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A family spokesman is calling that “a bold face lie." "These text messages were provided to the administration branch, they were provided to the school board months ago," Wayne Dolcefino told KHOU.

While slamming the attack against the child as pure sextortion, he says he wants to see justice and accountability resulting from this case.

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