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She was getting her hair done in the morning and then we would do our usual Saturday ritual. ) I stepped into one of the shittiest hotel bars I’ve ever been in. The Warwick Hotel is a beautiful place on 17th and Locust. I crush the first Corona just to knock the edge off the day. I didn’t forget Annabelle, but I wouldn’t see her again until a year later in 2013. I publish every Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday at 8am EST.

I was early as usual and her hair appointment was running long. They have a restaurant a coffee shop and a bar connected to the hotel. Annabelle pops the cap from another and places it front of me. There is no one else in this shitty bar at this time of day, and she’s happy to have someone with which to chat. ” I tip up to what the bill would have been and gather my stuff. When you meet someone like that, and it’s brief, there is a good chance they will quickly fade from your memory.

One of his female coworkers overheard us and immediately lit up. My only guess is that, being so used to a passive role in the whole “pickup” exchange, these girls believe that the opposite task is simple, and simultaneously want to exercise some kind of agency in the process for once – in the same way that many men believe that girls "just" have to look good and show up, and would love to have a girl take the initiative from time to time.

We were absolutely thrilled to learn that Prince Eric is a “dom top into water sports” and that Prince Charming has a foot fetish.This got us thinking about how to approach guys on Grindr, and what the best and worst strategies are for successfully landing a “date.” There’s a right way and a wrong way to strike up a conversation on Grindr. ” are usually good icebreakers, except to the guys who declare in their profiles “Please have something more to say that ‘Hey,’” for whom you will have to be somewhat more creative. The title for the Annabelle series was going to be: “The Final Elegant Arc” but in light of what I’ve learned in the last year, I can no longer call it that. My life has its moments of elegance and moments of pain, but it is far from final.I was meeting ex-girlfriend Michelle (See: Michelle – 2007 to Present – Nice to Meet You) for brunch on a Saturday. I’m having a beer and she can just come here when she’s finished. Please read, like, comment, and most of all follow Phicklephilly.This is what women are taught, basically from birth. In the middle of the night, my geriatric dog woke me up to go outside.

I’m not even going to bother giving you the numbers on how many doctors have warned about the negative effects of wearing heels on our feet and backs because can google it yourself. I let him out and while I was waiting for him to come back inside, I decided to re-read the message this guy had sent me and reply. I replied that I had told him that I was going out with my sister that night and that I had gotten home late and didn’t have time to read his message and reply. No matter how often women try to explain about the discrimination, the abuse, the pain, the fear, and the hate that women are subjected to in our society, a man will try to knock her down some more. I’d rather spend the rest of my life alone than submit myself to the likes of you. The original purpose of this blog was to entertain my friends with the silly and ridiculous things one has to go through when online dating.

The drinks suck, the service blows, the management turns over on a semi-annual basis and the way the place is laid out is in a way where you can’t see anything. Recently my friend Trish (See: Trish – 2011 to Present – The She Wolf) asked what my birthday was. I walk in Tavern 17 around 1pm on that fateful Saturday. “What’s your name, what do you like to do when you’re not working here? Something tall and golden that is no longer Michelle.

There are all of these large pillars or supports that are everywhere through the bar area, and you can’t see what’s going on at the bar. ” She tells me her name, and says she’s a photographer as her full-time gig. Annabelle seems nice and I’m making her laugh with my fatal charm.

Being lonely is a painful feeling and it gnaws at your gut like a hamster with an eating disorder.

It’s understandable that you’re going to want to grumble and vent.

Yes, I understand that this is work attire and not what he was referring to. After 12 years of wearing scrubs, sneakers, and barely any make up, I feel bad for the women who have to get dressed up for work. Thankfully, my clients really don’t care if I’m wearing make up and have my hair done when I’m performing CPR on their pet. Quoting one of my favorite movies “She’s the Man”: Well? Just walking and standing in them can be problematic. Life is too short to spend it in the bathroom “getting ready”. He was very nice and pleasant and we started talking again.