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However, a falling out between Jay Z and Dame Dash would forever shape the future of the company and the lives of two men who started out good friends and turned into toxic business partners. A conflict of interest is what ultimately drove the two apart.

In a 2006 interview, when asked whether female MCs are forced to meet standards that male MCs are not, she said: "Oh, yeah. You have to be picture-perfect and you have to meet the standards of the perfect woman. In 2008, Amil released mixtapes entitled Az Iz and Amil Returns The Lost Classics Edition delivering lyrically with songs such as the emotional "Tears of a Teenage Mother" and the Caribbean vibed "Don't Worry".

In August 2011, Amil spoke out through Vibe Magazine and gave the following statement about Jay-Z: "I haven't spoken to Jay in years but I really wish I could talk to him because that would just really bring closure to me. "People think there was bad blood between us, but there never was any bad blood.

Me, Jay and Cam could sit down and do business at anytime.

It was a Source Awards speech in the case of Death Row vs.

Jay-Z's verse 1 features sample from The Notorious B. G.'s song "The World Is Filled..." from Life After Death album.

The chorus of the song is interpolated from the Rick James song, "Give It to Me Baby". According to Jay’s longtime musical and performing right-hand, Memphis Bleek, he had a major, often underplayed role in instigating the rift.In 1997, Amil was involved with an all-female group called "Major Coins". The part for the female rapper was really for her friend, but when Jay-Z asked Amil to freestyle and liked it, he decided to put her on the song instead. The album features Memphis Bleek, Jay-Z, Beyoncé, Carl Thomas, Eve, and Beanie Sigel.Things happen and I wasn't ready for where my career was going at that time."I Just Wanna Love U (Give It 2 Me)" is a song by American rapper Jay-Z, released as the first single from his 2000 album The Dynasty: Roc La Familia.The group met Jay-Z, who was looking for a woman to provide vocals on his third album, Vol. Amil, wanting to remain loyal to her friend, did not prefer to be put on the song, but Jay-Z allowed them both to do a version of the song. Amil is a practicing Black Hebrew Israelite and her affiliation is evident on songs such as "Quarrels".