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Arizona Robbins, a graduate of the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.Robbins has a romantic interest in orthopedic 5 year resident Callie Torres, (Sara Ramirez) later goes on to kiss her.

She was established as a love-interest for orthopedic resident Callie Torres (Sara Ramirez) after the Torres' storyline with Erica Hahn (Brooke Smith) was cut short due to what series creator Shonda Rhimes called "a lack of chemistry".Shonda Rhimes was in contrast pleased with the chemistry between Robbins and Torres, citing the addition of Capshaw to the cast as an element of the season of which she was most proud.The young pair has been dating over four years and a proposal seems inevitable now.Maddy and Floyd both grew up in Saint Paul, Minnesota and attended the same High School.Sources say that they intend to get married, thus dismissing all rumors that Floyd has no interest getting married.

Though they went to different colleges, the football star, at the age of 26, has shown his love for Thomas publicly by taking her to several balls and fundraisers. During a cry-fest in the bathroom at Joe's, Arizona showed up to give her some comforting words.Callie’s life was hanging in the balance during a special musical episode of The Wedding After surviving the accident (and their parents during a very stressful wedding week!These are large groupings of adjacent metropolitan areas identified by the Census Bureau based on social and economic ties.Online dating brings singles together who may never otherwise meet.) The Shower Scene The road wasn't always easy for Callie and Arizona.