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Thanks to a downward gaze and big sunglasses, I would never know.

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When you’re thinking about what to say, immediately you get confused and nervous. When a guy’s eyes wander, it makes her feel nervous. Now imagine sitting down across from somebody you’re about to cut a major business deal with.But for some reason, every time this guy starts talking about what he’s going to offer, his eyes become shifty and he refuses to make eye contact with you. Would you feel like you’re making the right decision?One of the cute trainers approached me in the elevator. “I tried to say hello to you, but you ignored me.”My face burned with embarrassment.I had seen him the day before, too, and even though I could feel him looking at me, I couldn’t look bring my eyes up to his.Or how your one buddy always gets a warm response when talking to girls? Even more so than having a confident voice, eye contact is the foundation of all your social interactions.

While the whole “eyes are the windows to your soul” may sound cheesy, it’s actually a profound statement.This tip originated on the Ok Cupid’s Ok Trends blog in January 2010.The post was called The 4 Big Myths of Profile Pictures.TL; DR: OKCupid’s study on male dating photos fails reproducibility If you’re a guy who uses online dating sites/apps, you’ve probably heard this one: don’t smile in your picture.Better yet, don’t smile and look away from the camera.One Reddit commenter put it this way: Further — everywhere men floated the “don’t smile in pictures” advice, many women decried how much they hated these nonsmiling pictures.