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Using what sounds like a simple trick, a user can also access their friends’ latest pending friend-requests and which friends they share in common. Unbelievable I thought, until I just tested the exploit for myself. In other words, a privacy (Hat-tip: @Scott56r and @Laird_Attwood) Update: After a few hours Facebook sent us this statement.

Today I was tipped off that there is a major security flaw in the social networking site that, with just a few mouse clicks, enables any user to view the of their ‘friends’. The irony is that the exploit is enabled by they way that Facebook lets you preview your own privacy settings.

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A video is going viral after a thug decided to record her interaction with an elderly white woman and post it to Facebook.

Young Thug's in the clear for allegedly slapping a woman outside a nightclub last month ... READ MORE Young Thug's off the hook for a felony drug charge, thanks to his lawyers arguing cops overstepped boundaries with an illegal search warrant.

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