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The high school student, from Chicago in the US, had been reported missing by her parents on Sunday.

The next time the family saw her was in the video of her being raped.

The rape video was available for anyone to watch on Facebook until officers contacted the under-fire social media firm, asking for it to be taken down.The girl – who has been identified by some media but Daily Star Online has chosen not to name – is being treating in hospital after the alleged assault.The uncle managed to take screen grabs of the alleged assault – which the girl’s mum took to police.Police were said to be staggered that no one who saw the live stream reported the crime.So, if someone wants to see or show pretty much anything, you can bet it's happening somewhere online.

That’s why it can be somewhat perplexing when social media companies like Facebook pretend that their island of the internet is a totally under-control, family-friendly space.

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