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Knight feels that this project, judging from the countless letters from fans that subscribe to his website, is being eagerly awaited.

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She said that, back in the day, she was afraid to be open about her relationship with Jordan Knight: “It wasn’t acceptable then because if you were a teen heartthrob, they wanted to see you be very available so I think we really had a harder time back then.I’m sure there is still some backlash when the younger teens start to date, but (for us) it was on the down-low,” continuing, “When people found out, the girls usually take the hit more because the guys have these die-hard girl fans, but it is a different situation when you have young teenage girls.Not only was he quick to point out that his brother Mark and his band Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch went on tour with NKOTB and not the other way around, but he also told us who has better game between the brothers. Asked whether they knew that Knight was gay during that time, he revealed, “We were suspicious when we walked into a hotel room and saw him with a guy.” He continued, “But, look, he was dating Tiffany too, so who knew? Mc Intyre, apparently, also lost his virginity on tour.It was definitely something outside of the box for me.

I’m the one who sometimes doesn’t like being on stage and being the center of attention.Even the words of the song that made her famous “I Think We’re Alone Now” have a whole new meaning in 2013.As frequent lead vocalist for New Kids On The Block, Jordan Knight toured the world's stages, belting out a pop-R&B rap hybrid that climbed to the Top 20 ten times in half as many years, sparked a revolution in merchandising, and endeared five young men to millions of crazed fans.I never really kept it a secret and then in ’09 a whole thing started in the media that I should make a public statement.I kind of live my life as an example and I just never felt like I had to be on the cover of a magazine announcing that I was gay, it just who I am.New Kid on the Block Jordan Knight singing a private set for guests of Lifting the Limits for PKU" Gala Boston at the Fairmont.